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One to One Production, Mixing

& Mastering Tuition

,Bespoke one to one tuition aimed to develop your skills in the real world of recording, music production, mixing & mastering. 

As an increasing number of home producer/mixers now aspire to produce their own music on laptops/home computers, many have found the Youtube ’trick’ videos can be more confusing than helpful in achieving meaningful results.

The tuition follows no set curriculum, but offers flexible guidance to develop your skill set, from absolute beginners to the more experienced. The aim is to help you make sense of the skills involved in producing, mixing and mastering your music to a professional standard.

Guidance can also be offered on equipment, DAW and plugin choices should this be required.


Tuition is provided using Steinberg Nuendo (professional version of Cubase) and on PC, but all principles taught are easily transferable to all DAWs and computer platforms.  

Google Review by Richard Carson

I went to Spike at Mojo Recording Studio for a number of months recently to gain more knowledge on the Music/Production/Mixing/Mastering process. Despite having written my own music, I had no clue on how to make a track sound professionally produced. Spike was more than willing to meet and talk me through the whole process, passing on his knowledge learnt from many years in the industry. He was able to tailor the tuition to my needs and to my music preferences and was able to point me in the right direction in terms of possible equipment, essential plugins and further reading saving me a fortune and lots of time. He covered all aspects of the process and has enabled me to then go on and attempt my own production. The difference in quality is massive. The knowledge I have gained since going to Mojo has been invaluable. The tuition was so much better than tutorials found on the net. The studio itself has lots of excellent hardware and software that would suit any musical taste or need. Spike's work is of the highest quality which you can hear in the music he produces.