The Studio

A compact but very highly specified studio with an array of high end recording and processing equipment. No expense has been spared providing you the absolute best in sound quality.  


The Control Room

The control room is an acoustically treated space, comfortable for three or four people. Central in the control room is a vintage 1983 Soundtrax CM4400 analogue mixing console. In addition a fine selection of outboard preamps are available. 


Monitoring is via Genelec near-fields, Avantones, and a pair of soffit mounted Tannoy HPD Gold 12” vintage monitors. AD/DA converters are by Lynx and SSL providing 40×40 simultaneous inputs and outputs.

The studio is configured as a hybrid system, with racks of high end modern and vintage analogue outboard (compressors, equalisers etc.) alongside a computer workstation with a large selection of plug-ins, synths and sample libraries running on Steinberg Nuendo. 

The Live Room

The larger live room was purpose built with non-parallel walls to eradicate standing waves (sound bouncing back and forth from the walls and from the floor to ceiling). Although still a compact space, the room has an excellent sound for recording. 

A large selection of over 30 modern and vintage microphones are available along with D.I. and re-amp boxes. All sources are fed to the control room via a 40 channel wall multicore box.

Modern and vintage combos, amps and speaker cabs are available for guitar and bass etc. Also a nice array of pedals are on hand. The house drums are a North American maple DW/PDP Platinum Series kit, with a DW Collectors Series copper snare. Cymbals are Istanbul and Meinl. 

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