Studio Services

At Mojo, the traditional role of the recording studio has been transformed to meet the exacting demands of today's music. Releasing your music nowadays requires it be recorded, produced, mixed and mastered to a high professional standard if you want to cut through the noise and get noticed. Mojo can offer you a professional service with the flexibility to suit your paticular requirements.


You may be a group or band with a traditional line-up, an artist who's starting with a song sketch requiring a complete production, or you may have produced a track on your laptop and require a professional mix & master. Whatever your starting point, you choose where in the process you'd like me to come in.

I'm here to help you bring your project to the highest professional level and produce the sound you've been looking for. Many of the artists I've produced regularly appear on the radio and TV.

Very experienced both as a producer and musician, I've worked and played with many of the top musicians in Ireland. My tastes are very eclectic, and tuned into working across many genres, from rock, blues, folk, traditional, pop, electronic, EDM to rap.

I look forward to talking with you and discussing your project.



Recording is all about getting it right at the source. There are many factors and skills involved, such as using the correct type of mic for the job in hand and the correct mic placement.

Mojo has a superb selection of high end vocal microphones by makers such as Chandler, Microtech Gefell (Neumann), JZ etc. ensuring the best match for any particular singer's voice. No expense has been spared on the quality of the instrument and drum recording mics.
Preamps are another important part of the recording chain. I've invested in professional high end preamps alongside a nice selection of vintage preamps for extra vibe.

Finally, the AD/DA converters, which change the signal from analogue to digital to enable recording into the computer, are extremely high quality by Lynx and SSL. Nothing but the best. 


Production of a song varies on your starting off point when you come into the studio.


If you are an artist who has a song sketch/idea, Mojo can help you develop your song right through to the finished track. The starting point for some artists is no more than a recording on their phone! Many a great song has been written this way.

A current trend for some rap artists is to buy 'beats', and come into the studio for vocal recording and production, mixing and mastering. This can certainly be a time and cost saver, provided you have the exclusive rights to the beat (you don't want to release a track only to find someone else using the same beat!). Make sure you're able to get the stems for the track (separated instrument files) as inevitably the beat will need some tweaking and editing.  

Alternatively, if you are a band or group, you may be very well rehearsed. Production in this instance, can be suggestions to improve tightness between the musicians to enhance bigger picture, small arrangement suggestions and creating an overall cohesive sound for the track. 


The mix will be the next stage in the process when having your songs recorded and produced in the studio. Alternatively, many artists are now producing their own songs on their computers / laptops, but feel that their mix is somehow falling short.


The internet is full of mixing tutorials, but most soon realise that it's a highly specialised skill, which can take years to master. A good mix can turn the mediocre into something special.

Mojo is set up as a 'hybrid' studio. A huge selection of plugins are available along with racks of modern, classic and vintage outboard to capture that sought after analogue vibe.

Mixing for both local and international clients, Mojo will add that professional shine to your songs.


Mastering is the last stage in the process. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a remedy for fixing a badly mixed track. The mix should be absolutely perfect before mastering is even contemplated.


It's a subtle process - the last few percent - the sweetener. Mastering equalisers and compressors are calibrated for very small amounts of processing.


The other aspect of the mastering process is levels. All of the online platforms now have recommend levels for uploading your tracks. These levels are much lower than what was normal in the past for CDs. If the track is slammed, their algorithms will radically reduce the levels to the detriment of the sound quality.

I have many years of experience mastering songs for online platforms, radio, TV and alternative mastering for CDs.