A small selection of music from the studio. Enjoy...

Genre: Electro Pop / Ethnic / Reggae

Mojo Credit: Vocal recording & production - Mixing - Mastering

Arden 'Keyz' Altino is a well known New York producer. His Credits include Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Justin Beiber, P. Diddy, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige.

Featuring vocals by Northern Ireland artist NAD. 

Genre: Pop / R&B

Mojo Credit: Vocal recording & production - Mastering

Amy Mc is a well known singer/songwriter from Belfast, with powerful vocals and a unique R&B sound. Amy is a Performance and Singing/Songwriting Coach with Girls Rock School NI.

Genre: Pop / Soul

Mojo Credit: Recording - Production - Mixing - Mastering

Singer songwriter NAD has now released five singles with lots of radio airplay and TV appearances in Ireland, one of her singles being chosen by BBC Ulster as ’the best song in the world’. She has also worked on colaborative projects with such luminaries as Rick Bacchus, and Arden Altino.

Genre: Rap

Mojo Credit: Stem Mixing - Mastering

Dena Anuk$a is an Egyptian born singer/songwriter, rapper & DJ now based in Belfast. She was recently featured on BBC Radio 1 Xtra and will be DJing this year at AVA Festival.

Genre: Electonica / Post Punk

Mojo Credit: Vocal Recording - Co-Production - Mixing - Mastering

Many of the files used in this song were produced by Adam Todd using synth apps in Garageband on his phone.  Lack of equipment certainly didn't hinder his creativity.

Genre: Blues

Mojo Credit: Recording - Production - Mixing - Mastering

One of three tracks recorded in the studio by Eugene Kane. Featuring guitar by Paul Sexton, keys by Paul Murray.


Genre: Voice-Over

Mojo Credit: Voice Recording & Production - Mixing - Mastering

Produced for an event in the Titanic Centre for the ACSNI (African Caribbean Society N.I.) in commemoration of 400 years of Slavery Orchestration by Bill Campbell. (Shortened audio segment).